Gautsch Foreman, Alice Endowed Scholarship

Alice Gautsch Foreman served as an advisory board member and has supported scholarships at WSU through her affiliation with Les Dames d’Escoffier, Seattle Chapter. She is personally establishing the endowed scholarship for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture to support students in this essential area of study. Award Requirement: The distributions from this Fund shall be used […]

Gaskins, Jan and Charles Scholarship

Dr. Charles T. Gaskins came to WSU as an Assistant Professor in Animal Science in January of 1976. He also had an appointment in Statistical Services, which at the time did statistical consulting and taught applied statistics courses. Dr. Gaskins taught courses in animal genetics and statistics. He conducted research in the areas of modeling […]

Getzin, Louis W. Memorial Scholarship

Louis W. Getzin was born October 1933. He attended a one room elementary school before entering Rochester Agricultural School. He went to the University of Wisconsin, getting his B.S. in 1955 and his M.S. in 1957. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Getzin started a faculty position in Puyallup in 1961. […]

Goss, Roy L. Turfgrass Scholarship

Dr. Roy L. Goss, a retired WSU turfgrass specialist, challenged the industry in 1988 to donate toward education and research by offering to match contributions.  He retired in 1988 after 30 years of developing and conducting turfgrass research and extension programs in Puyallup, beginning in 1958. Many of these efforts are widely recognized and adopted […]

Greenside, Patrick Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established in memory of Patrick Greenside by the CAHE Horticulture Club, family, and friends. Award Requirements The income from this endowment shall be used to award a scholarship to distinguished member(s) of the Horticulture Club who exemplifies good scholarship and shows active participation.

Greenwell, Arnold and Julia Memorial Scholarship

This endowment was established in memory of Arnold and Julia Greenwell, formerly of Pullman, Washington. Arnold and Julia Greenwell were local farmers.  They had no children and this scholarship was established as a result of gifts made by Julia Greenwell in her Last Will and Testament.  Ellen Kelso, lives locally and tell of how the two Greenwell boys, Glen (Ellen’s father) and […]

Guitteau, J. A. Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in memory of J.A. Guitteau by vocational agriculture teachers and other friends throughout Washington and elsewhere. As a student at Washington State College, J.A. graduated with a B.S. in Agriculture in 1915. Following graduation in 1920, he became State Director of Vocational Agriculture Education. He is fondly remembered as a friend […]