Professorships and Chairs

Norm Ehmann Endowed Chair in Urban Pest Management

This Endowed Chair is named for Norm Ehmann, vice president emeritus of Van Waters and Rogers (an international pesticide and industrial chemical distributing company.) Ehmann has worked more than 50 years in the pesticide industry. Internationally recognized in his field, he is considered to be the father of the structural pest control industry. Uses and […]

Arthur M. and Kate E. Tode Foundation Distinguished Professorship in Forest Biotechnology & Forest Biochemistry Fund

The Forest Biotechnology and Forest Biochemistry Distinguished Professorships are dedicated to the memory and values of Arthur M. Tode and his wife, Kate E. Tode. Together they created and funded the Arthur M. and Olga T. Eisig – Arthur M. and Kate Eisig Tode Foundation, which provided a major gift to the Institute of Biological […]

Cashup Davis Family Endowed Dean

The Gordon Davis Family created this fund to highlight and honor the legacy of Gordon’s Great Grandfather, James S. “Cashup” Davis. Cashup had substantial interests and was widely regarded as a visionary with respect to a broad spectrum of issues that included promotion of the Palouse Country, crops, soil, livestock, water, wildlife, entrepreneurship, hospitality, small […]