Guitteau, J. A. Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in memory of J.A. Guitteau by vocational agriculture teachers and other friends throughout Washington and elsewhere. As a student at Washington State College, J.A. graduated with a B.S. in Agriculture in 1915. Following graduation in 1920, he became State Director of Vocational Agriculture Education. He is fondly remembered as a friend and strong supporter of Washington State College. J.A. Guitteau passed away in 1945, leaving behind a strong legacy. He achieved national recognition in the field of vocational agriculture and was looked to by leaders in that profession for direction and advice. He was Vice President of the educational division of the American Vocational Association. He was loved sincerely by all of the “ag” teachers of Washington, who worked more with him than for him. Under his leadership, the agricultural classes of Washington became a model and pattern for classes in every other state of the nation. The first scholarship in honor of J.A. Guitteau was awarded in 1950.

Award Requirements

This scholarship should be awarded annually to a student majoring in agricultural education or agriculture, with preference being given in the following order: 1) Graduate students; 2) Seniors; 3) and Juniors.