Borth, John Cleve and Judith J. Scholarship

John Cleve Borth graduated from WSU in 1957. His major was Agricultural Economics so he has an interest in supporting those who choose to study the field of economics and agricultural economics.  Judith also attended WSU, as have all of their four children and three of their grandchildren. John Cleve and Judith have contributed to […]

Brown, Harold R. Graduate Education Fund

Harold Brown was a successful businessman who wanted to give back to society through the foundation he created. Food security and production were causes that were important to him because of the work done by his nephew, Professor Timothy D. Murray. Providing opportunities for students to advance their education in plant pathology will help enable […]

Berney, Robert E. Endowed Fellowship

Robert Berney values Washington State University education and providing support for students in the School of Economic Sciences. He established this Fund in honor of his education and his 30-year career in Economics. Robert began his education in the ROTC program in high school, which inspired him to join the Washington State College’s ROTC program […]

Burnett, Grover Graduate Education Fund

In memory and honor of Grover Burnett who earned his PhD in Plant Pathology in 1932, this scholarship fund was created by John B. Cox. John credits his stepfather, Grover, with encouraging his interest in science throughout his childhood. “I gained a step-father who recognized and encouraged my budding interest in Science. Soon, a microscope […]

Bahr, Eugene A. Scholarship

Eugene Arthur Bahr was born in 1910 in Wilbur, Washington. Robert Bahr, Eugene’s father, bought a 300 acre farm located 4 ½ miles north of Wilbur in 1900. Eugene had lived on the property for his entire life and became legal owner of it in 1946 when he bought the property from his father and […]

Becker, Carl P. and Barbara R. Scholarship

Barbara Robinson Becker graduated from WSU in 1942 with a degree in Home Economics. She was the first in her family to get a college degree. While at WSU she was a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and she maintained ties with the sorority for many years. Barbara married Carl Becker and moved […]

Bernardo, John and Esther Agriculture Scholarship

John and Esther Bernardo were first and second generation Portuguese-Americans who appreciated the rural way of life and the importance of agriculture to our nation’s economic security.  Esther was rasied on an integrated farm on the California coast approximately 25 miles south of San Francisco.  It was on this farm that both sons (Mike and […]

Berg Brothers Scholarship Endowment

The Fund was initially created and funded by contributions made by Ernest F. Berg and Stanley F. Berg, who were raised in Yakima, Washington. Their father, Ernest F. Berg, Sr., was a farmer in the Yakima Valley and ran sheep in the winter and packed in the summer. Since the Berg Brothers worked with and […]

Blayney, Martha and Bert Endowed Scholarship

Don Blayney received his MA degree in Economics from New Mexico State University.  It was there he met Dr. Gerald Marousek from the University of Idaho and was recruited to work at University of Idaho.  When the project at UI finished he attended WSU.  After graduating from WSU in 1988, with a PhD in Agricultural […]

Blosser, Dr. Timothy H. Graduate Fellowship in Animal Sciences

This endowment in the name of Timothy H. Blosser was established by his three children Patrick Blosser, Douglas Blosser, and Susan (Blosser) Lacy and created in honor of his 80th birthday. Timothy Blosser was born in Nappanee, Indiana on January 7, 1920. His father was a purebred Holstein cattle breeder.  Tim received his B. S. from […]