Bustad, Signe Scholarship

In 1937, Signe B. Bustad enrolled in the home economics program at the College of Puget Sound, and in 1938 transferred to Washington State College majoring in Home Economics Education.  Her husband, Leo Bustad, graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State College and later in his career returned to the institution as the Dean of the veterinary school. Signe, a longtime member of the Pullman community, is active in many local organizations.  She is also an active member in her church, Trinity Lutheran.  Signe has touched many lives in the Pullman area and beyond.  The Signe Bustad Scholarship will serve as a reminder to students and the community of the hard work, dedication, and kind heartedness which are cornerstone to her charter. The family wishes to recognize Signe’s countless contributions of time, energy, and support as the strong woman beside her successful husband and his programs.

Award Requirements

The scholarship shall be awarded to students who are certified majors in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.