John P. Reganold Endowed Chair in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Chuck and Louanna Eggert graduated from Washington State University (WSU) in 1971, Chuck with a degree in Food Science and Louanna a degree in Education. Since leaving WSU, Chuck and Louanna have raised a family of 5 children, and created Pacific Natural Foods, the family business. The Eggert’ s have been very generous supporters of WSU scholarships, athletics and the organics degree program, started by Dr. John Reganold in 2006.

The Eggert’s believe in sustainable agriculture and preserving and protecting the land, raising animals humanely, and treating the people you work with fairly. In return, they believe, farmers can run financially successful farms that produce healthy, tasty, chemical-free organic food

Chuck and Louanna Eggert recognize the effort and skill that quality faculty bring to teaching, education and research. In 1983 Dr. John P. Reganold began his research and academic career at WSU. He was a pioneer in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture. Inspired by his commitment and his influence on the field, Chuck and Louanna are honoring John Reganold by naming the endowment after him. Chuck and Louanna see the endowment as part of their legacy toward a better future for organic and sustainable agriculture.

These values and the love of their education at WSU led Chuck and Louanna Eggert to establish the John P. Reganold Endowed Chair in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture.

Uses and Purposes

Distributions from this Fund shall be used to supplement the salary of the holder of the chair, to pay salaries for his or her assistants, and to pay expenses associated with the holder’s scholarly work.