Endowed Chair in Soil Health for Potato Cropping Systems

The Columbia Basin Potato Soil Health Workgroup (CBPSHW), a coalition of the Washington State Potato Commission; Lamb Weston, Incorporated; McCain Foods USA, Incorporated; and J.R. Simplot Company; and others, was formed with the expressed purpose to “Facilitate coordination of soil health research as it pertains to potato cropping systems to improve soil health understanding and impact on productivity.”

Uses and Purposes

Distributions from this Fund shall be used to support the Endowed Chair in Soil Health for Potato Cropping Systems to meet the following objectives:

  1. Improve the efficiency and productivity (yield, quality and economic returns) of potato cropping systems by focusing research on soil ecosystems in Columbia Basin potato cropping systems, which includes potatoes, rotation crops with potatoes, and cover crops.
  2. Create and lead an applied research program that is integrated and closely collaborates with growers and industry in the Columbia Basin to develop practical methods, means and risk management tools to promote soil health for the purpose of improving potato productivity.
  3. Collaborate with and complement other soil research and extension activities conducted by WSU, the USDA and private sector scientists, the WSU Statewide Soil Health Program Leader, and other researchers, extension professionals, crop consultants, growers, and processors.
  4. Leverage funds to obtain competitive funds from state and federal programs to expand and enhance research, education, and extension activities