Endowed Chair in Small Grains Extension and Research

The Washington Grain Commission (WGC), effective July 27, 2009, was created through state legislation by merging the Washington Wheat Commission (WWC) and the Washington Barley Commission (WBC). Toe WWC and WBC were originally created by producers in 1958 and 1985, respectively, to fund industry research, education and marketing self-help programs through assessments on each bushel of wheat and barley sold. The WGC enhances the profitability of Washington wheat and barley growers and meets ever­ increasing market demands by providing leadership to the Washington wheat and barley industry; enhancing industry partnerships and public/private collaboration; funding research that has direct bearing on this industry; and bringing technology from the laboratory to the farm.

Uses and Purposes

Distributions from this Fund shall be used to support the Endowed Chair in Small Grains Extension and Research to meet the following objectives:

  • Focus on issues of critical importance to the industry, with an initial appointment in the area of weed science extension and research.
  • Attract a faculty member with recognized expertise in the focus area to lead theextension and research effort and coordinate within the multi-disciplinary grain research program for optimal outcome.
  • Ensure that cutting-edge knowledge within the discipline focus is delivered widely and with the intent to foster adoption by the grain industry.
  • Train undergraduate and graduate students and research associates as appropriate within the scope of the position description.
  • Complement existing extension and research programs within the relevant department.