Wally Staatz Turf Grass Excellence Fund

Following high school, Wallace Staatz served in the Army Signal Corps in World War II, which was followed by B.A. and M. A. degrees in Horticulture from Oregon State University. He was active in the family bulb farm in Orting, Washington until 1970 when he converted it to the High Cedars Golf Course and surrounding residential areas until it’s sale in 1999.

Wally’s desire to support Washington Agriculture through research and honor his tie to the turf grass and bulb industry will be fully realized through the work of WSU Researchers in the years to come.

Uses and Purposes

Distributions from this Fund shall be used to provide support for research enhancement for Turf Grass and Grass Ecology programs. The Fund shall be used for discretionary needs to enhance the program’s vision for things such as, but not limited to: faculty support, research projects, and graduate fellowships.