Simpson, Richard and Margaret Memorial Scholarship

Richard and Margaret Simpson farmed in Edwall, Washington for more than 50 years. Richard, born in 1927, was farming the same land his maternal grandparents had acquired in the early 1900’s. He experienced the changing of times in farming techniques, from horse farming through the evolution of farm equipment into the new century. Richard, fondly called “Dick”, learned the trade of blacksmithing and metal fabrication, welding and mechanics, all trades he would need to successfully run a profitable farm operation. He married Margaret Hopkins in 1950, a city girl from Spokane Valley, WA. She had wonderful homemaker skills to help Dick build a happy, prosperous family. They experienced all the trials and tribulations of making a living on the farm and with hard work, thriftiness, and stubborn diligence they became successful. While raising their three children, they instilled the belief that a good education was necessary to be successful in life. They imparted financial support to many needy kids to help them get a good education and strong start in their lives. They helped their grandchildren get college degrees and will aide in their great grandchildren’s education as well. For these reasons, this endowment will establish scholarships to help more students obtain their goals. Most of all we hope they will be remembered for generations for their generous gifts and live on in our memories for a long time.

Award Requirements

The distributions from this Fund shall be used for an undergraduate scholarship for a junior or senior studying in the department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Preference shall be given to students with an interest in agronomy.