Sangria Grille Farm to Table Scholarship

The Sangria Grille kitchen fuses the rich cuisine and cooking styles of Peru with Northwest ingredients. Our chefs cook using modern and old world techniques with ingredients traditional in Peruvian cuisine and fresh, local produce and meat from the Palouse and surrounding areas. We believe we can honor our heritage, training, belief in sustainability, the sources of the ingredients, and our community by taking an active role in shortening the distance between farm and table. Therefore, the chicken we use is free-range, eggs are laid by local farm hens, fish is seasonal and fileted daily, bacon is cured in house, steaks are hand cut from free-range, hormone-free beef, and burgers are hand-formed using locally grown, grass fed Longhorn Cattle. We support the farmer’s market, local artisans, and coordinate with Moscow Urban Farm Company and Daystar Farm to grow our Peruvian chilis, salad lettuces, featured greens, and many other yummy things. After forging a partnership with the WSU organic farm to source our greens at Sangria Grille, we wanted to invest in a program that is helping us realize our mission of farm to table food. This scholarship celebrates our partnership.

Award Requirement

The gift shall be used to provide $1000 for a fall scholarship and $1000 for a spring scholarship. These scholarships are to be awarded to students who are organic agriculture majors and working on sourcing fruits or vegetables to local restaurants. The criteria of this scholarship shall remain the same unless donor specifies otherwise.