McKenzie, Raymond Harrison Endowed Scholarship

Helen McLean is the great-granddaughter of Daniel Green McKenzie, a founder of Three Rivers – or Pullman as it is known today. Helen’s father, Raymond Harrison McKenzie had a fruit ranch at Boyer (River Park). Helen remembers professors from WSC (WSU) coming to visit her father at the ranch, as they believed he had an innate sense for raising fruit. Helen’s memory of her father is that he loved to visit with people, to share ideas about the world, and that he was well respected by the college. Helen attended WSC for two years and was a music major.  Helen’s grandson, Erik Windell graduated from WSU in 1992. Helen’s father was the manager of the Almota Grain Elevator during the 1940’s, until his death in 1950. Raymond and his wife Bertha had the Post Office, Library, Store, Gas pump at Almota. Their house was next door to the Spaulding House. This endowed scholarship is a gift from Helen McLean to Washington State University and the College of Agriculture and Home Economics in memory of her loving father Raymond Harrison McKenzie.

Award Requirements

The interest from this endowment shall fund a scholarship for a student who is a junior or senior student and a declared major in agricultural studies.