Quann-Baker, Patricia and Family Scholarship

Patricia Quann-Baker and her family are pleased to offer scholarships to students in Early Childhood Education programs.  She spent five years at Washington State College and loved the school and location.  Patricia Quann-Baker received help in the form of scholarships her freshman and sophomore years. Since she was working her way through college it was very helpful.  Her first husband, Thomas R. Quann, and second husband, Dr. AaronS. Baker, both worked for Washington State University through the Agricultural Extension and Research Center at Puyallup, WA for over 30 years each. She received her Master Gardeners training at this facility. Her family has been very invol ved with WSU in several ways. She is partial to Early Childhood Education, because she thinks those years are extremely important in forming habits, skills, and learning.  She took courses in that area at WSC.  When all of her six children had entered public school, she taught I 0 years through Bates Vocational College in Tacoma.  She trained young adults to gain the skills to teach young children in Day Care and Early Learning Centers. She says “We are able to point out many lasting values in their lives when they are still very young. Those early years are very important to children when they learn from the ones that they love, their teachers and parents. It is valuable that you have the opportunity to help form lasting values also in the parents during these early years of parenting. When do we ever get to instill this much influence in a way that can be very lasting? This is very rewarding and important work!”  Four of her children chose WSU to obtain their education. “Myself and my children will be happy to be an important part of life for students attending WSU.”

Award Requirements

The distributions from this fund shall be used to award one or more scholarship(s) to students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with a concentration in Early Childhood Development and Care. Students may be enrolled  in either  the  Human  Development Online Certificate Distance Degree program or the traditional on-campus Human Development program. The scholarships are renewable by application.  Both merit and financial  need, as determined  by the fund administrator, may be considered. Priority will be given to juniors and seniors.