Koenig Family Scholarship

This scholarship was created by colleagues and friends of Rich Koenig, his wife Teresa, and son Nicholas, in appreciation of Rich’s leadership in the role of Interim Dean and his willingness to step into roles as needed for CAHNRS. The Koenig family contributes to this scholarship to help students pursuing undergraduate degrees in plant and soil sciences. Rich is a first-generation college student and PhD graduate of Washington State University (1993) in soil science. Teresa is a PhD graduate of Clemson University (2000) in plant science. Both benefitted from the generosity of others in pursuing their degrees and seek to return that generosity through this scholarship.

Award Requirements

The distributions from this Fund shall be used to award scholarship(s) to students in the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences. Priority is given to students from farm families who intend to return to the farm or to work for industries that support farming.