Struckmeyer, Ken Student Scholarship

The Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment was created to honor the 42-year career of Professor Ken Struckmeyer as a landscape architecture faculty member at Washington State University. This fund reflects Ken’s light hearted and perhaps whimsical outlook on life, design and even dress. “What do you mean? Everything IS coordinated! I am the chair of the faculty dress code committee”. Ken joined the landscape architecture program in 1971 and was instrumental in having the program accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architecture in 1973. He encouraged his students instead of discouraged them and inspired them to formulate a design that satisfied all the senses. In 1995, the landscape architecture program implemented a semester abroad class taking seventeen students from WSU and University of Idaho to Macerata, Italy for a semester. Ken continued as faculty leader on the Semester Study Aboard in Italy program and just recently led a group of students in 2010. Along with his teaching accomplishments, Ken has also served as Chair of the Faculty Senate, Executive Secretary of Faculty Senate, University Ombudsman, and Co-Chair of the Coalition of Faculty Senate, a national group made up of 57 universities interested in the role of athletics and academics. Ken was the first faculty member to be awarded the Sahlen Award for Faculty Leadership as well as the first PAC10 Coach of the year for the WSU Crew team.

Award Requirements:

Awarded to students who are aspiring declared majors in landscape architecture.