Salvadalena, Henry and Dorathy Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Dorathy and Henry Salvadalena, pioneer farmers in the Columbia Basin area. In 1954 they moved from Monroe, Washington to an underdeveloped area of land known as Block 15. Over the next 20 years they carved out a productive farm, raising dairy cattle, alfalfa hay, and diverse crops. Henry and Dorathy were high school sweethearts at Monroe High School. Henry served in the US Coast Guard during WWII and Dorathy worked at the Grange Insurance Association office in downtown Seattle. As a veteran, Henry’s name was selected in a lottery to have an opportunity to purchase raw land that was soon going to be open to irrigation water from the Grand Coulee Dam. Before moving to Block 15, Henry and Dorathy were instrumental in starting a Grange in their new community, Chiawana Grange, and both became Gold Sheaf members. Henry was one of the first FFA members at Monroe High and throughout his life he supported the FFA and was awarded the Honorary State Farmer degree in 1975. Life on a dusty homestead was hard, but rewarding. Dorathy and Henry invested heavily in the education their children received at WSU. Their children wish to honor their parents by establishing this scholarship to help support a WSU CAHNRS student from Franklin County.

Award Requirements

The scholarship will be distributed according to the following preferences (no specific order presumed) to a WSU CAHNRS student with a GPA of no less than a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The student must have graduated from a high school in Franklin County:

  • WSU CAHNRS student majoring in Food Science.
  • WSU CAHNRS student majoring in Agricultural Education.
  • WSU CAHNRS student majoring in ANY degree from CAHNRS.