MacNey, Gerry and Mac Scholarship

Geraldine Alberta Smith was born in Spokane in 1921 and lived there until she went away to Washington State College.  (Her father thought secretarial school preferable for a female, but consented to university after several girls died when their dresses caught fire during a pageant she was participating in.)  At WSC she majored in pharmacy, a profession she pursued until she retired in 1973.  Malcolm Wendell MacNey was also born in Spokane, but a year later.  Soon after birth he headed north to the small town of Metaline Falls where he lived until he, too, headed off to Pullman.  Mac planned to become a chemical engineer, but found this course of study not to his taste.  He did, however, find a girl very much to his taste; he and Gerry were married in 1942.  Then the escalation of World War II disrupted their plans.  Mac enlisted to become a pilot, ended up a paratrooper, was sent to Europe, and eventually fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  While writing home to family, he discovered he really enjoyed describing his experiences and adventures and when he reentered civilian life, he chose to return to WSC, this time as a journalism student.  This was much more his forte.  Over his career as a newspaper reporter, he wrote for newspapers in Bremerton; Centralia; Hamilton, New Zealand; the Tri-Cities; and Tacoma, and became known for his human-interest feature writing. Mac and Gerry had two daughters – one attended nursery school at WSC and the other graduated from WSU in 1975.  Mac and Gerry enjoyed doing many things together, including listening to jazz (but hold that classical stuff), traveling, reading, and, in particular, gardening.  That is why we two daughters – Sandy and Wendy – are offering a scholarship in horticulture.  May the recipients help maintain the health and beauty of our earth!