LaPorte, Ermalinda “Dolly” Scholarship

Ermalinda, or “Dolly” as she  was affectionately  nicknamed, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She later moved to New Jersey where she raised her three children, Ralph, Billy, and Linda with her beloved husband, Ralph. Dolly spent  the last eight years of her wonderful life in Pullman, WA with  her daughter  Linda and son-in-law  Ron. Dolly was a “people person”  who enjoyed, more than anything else, to be with family and friends and to interact with a multitude of WSU students. Although of modest  means, Dolly was generous to the extreme, helping anyone and everyone she could. She had a particular passion for the happiness and well-being of children and young adults, and very much cared about them having a productive and fulfilling future. With this in mind, and in her memory, the Ermalinda “Dolly” LaPorte Scholarship is dedicated  to providing assistance to students  who will be or who are majoring in any area of Economics in the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University. In return, it is hoped that recipients of the Scholarship will do their utmost to excel in their studies and  achieve  a bright  and  productive  future,  while  remembering others less fortunate  than themselves.

Award Requirements

The distributions from this fund shall be used to award scholarships to undergraduate students planning to major, or majoring in, an area within the School of Economic Sciences.