Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Post-harvest Systems

The WTFRC was established by the Washington State legislature in 1969. The WTFRC mission is to promote and carry on research and administer specific industry service programs, which will or may benefit the planting, production, harvesting, handling, processing or shipment of tree fruit in Washington.

Uses and Purposes

Distributions from this Fund shall be used to support the Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Postharvest Systems to lead a comprehensive, collaborative, world-class research program to investigate postharvest physiology of deciduous tree fruits (apple, pear cherry and other stone fruits) while meeting the following objectives:

  1. Improve understanding of the effect of pre- and postharvest management practices and environmental factors on quality as fruit transits the supply chain. Develop and validate innovative, commercially-relevant approaches to addressing these challenges.
  2. Pursue a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, systems approach with public and private sector research programs in plant physiology, phytopathology, biochemistry, food science, engineering, automation technology and other disciplines as appropriate.
  3. Link with breeding, genetics, genomics and bioinformatics programs in the public and private sector to investigate inheritance and expression of fruit traits related to pre- and post-harvest environmental stresses, maturation and postharvest quality and apply this information to improve genotypes and commercially-relevant production, handling, and storage procedures.
  4. Collaborate in state, national, and international extension activities and engage industry stakeholders and technology providers.
  5. Contribute directly to university, college, department and R&E Center strategic planning.
  6. Generate external grants to leverage endowment funding and enhance research, education, and extension activities.
  7. Contribute regularly to graduate and undergraduate student education.