Dyer, Irwin A. Excellence Fellowship

Irwin A. Dyer Award for Excellence in Nutrition was established as a tribute to Dr. Irwin Dyer who initiated the first program in Animal Science Nutrition and serve as the first Chairman for the Animal Science Nutrition Graduate Program at WSU. He was a man of compassion, enthusiasm, optimism, humility and grace.

Award Requirements

The distributions from the endowment fund may be used to provide fellowship stipends to be used by the recipient studying Animal Science Nutrition. Funds can be used for such things including but not limited to tuition and fees, subsistence, research expenses, and other educationally related costs according to the following criteria:

  1. The student must be actively pursuing a degree in the nutrition program.
  2. The student should processes those qualities that dignify Dr. I.A. Dyer; compassion, enthusiasm, optimism, humility and grace.
  3. The student should be involve in a project that is of practical use.