Kaiser, Duane Scholarship

Helping other Cougars has always been important to Duane Kaiser (’48 Agriculture). When he working on the Valley Gem Dairy Farm in Arlington, Washington, a WSC grad came to the farm as an official tester for the Dairy Herd Improvement Association and told him that there’s an unwritten code that whenever one Cougar is able to help another Cougar, he should. That was when Duane decided to attend Washington State College.  About 30 years later, Duane started a Christmas tree farm and was looking for customers so contacted a Seattle radio station that sent its on-air personality out to see the trees. As Duane puts it, “When we met, I learned that he was a Cougar. He liked the fact that I was too. That was the beginning of many years of advertising that made my farm the most successful Christmas tree farm in the area. The success of this farm is what makes it possible for me to make this gift to help other Cougars today.” Duane has two daughters.  Julia Ann (’71 Biology) is a practicing veterinarian and Karen (’77 Education) is a teacher.

Award Requirements

A scholarship shall be awarded annually in the name of Duane Kaiser to a WSU College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences student interested in the field of Agriculture or Agricultural Education.