Christianson, Alfred Mark Memorial Fellowship

Alfred “Mark” Christianson was a commercial seed crop farmer for 36 years in the Snohomish Stilliguamish Valley. Mark was the grandson of Alfred Christianson, whom founded Alf Christianson Seed Company in Mount Vernon, WA in 1926. Above all Mark was a strong proponent of education and invested much in furthering agricultural scientific research. Mark spent many hours in the agricultural community discussing the importance of research that was beneficial to the grower as well as viable agriculture industry in the Skagit Valley. Mark’s wife, Elizabeth, and children Dan, Amy, Audrey, Andrew, and Grace hope the recipients of this fellowship strive to continue Mark’s legacy in their agricultural studies and into their future farming or research careers.

Award requirements

First preference will be given to graduate students engaged in vegetable seed research activities at the Mount Vernon Research and Extension Center. If there is no student satisfying the first preference, next preference will be given to a graduate student at the Mount Vernon Research and Extension Center.