Cover Story

The STEM in your Apple

Never before has such a vast amount of genetic information been available to tree fruit breeders. Today, Washington State University researchers know enough about the natural diversity within a species’ genetic code to enrich centuries-old tree fruit breeding techniques. Here in the Northwest, this means increasing tree fruit yields while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. […]

Cultivating Veterans

At a recent graduation ceremony in Pullman, a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree and former Secretary of Defense thanked WSU students, faculty, and administrators for their efforts to “recruit and embrace our military veterans returning home from America’s wars.” The collaboration between the Green Alliance for Veterans Education and WSU Extension is the latest example.

Farm Girls

From making baskets at Farm Women’s camps in the early 1900s to learning about diversified farm management via Google Hangout live streaming during this year’s Women in Agriculture Conference, WSU Extension has been creating opportunities for women in the Pacific Northwest to gather and share their farm life experiences since the beginning of the organization itself.

Science and Sensibility: Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes, the retired owner of Ciel du Cheval Vineyards, is a legend in the Washington wine industry as the first to plant grapes on Red Mountain in the Yakima Valley. Today, the region is covered with vineyards making the most of the high pH soil and low-rainfall climate that stimulate vines into producing highly coveted winegrapes.

Introducing the First WSU Student-made Wine Label

Pour a glass of Riesling from the tall, sleek green bottle labeled Blended Learning, and out comes not only a unique blend of white wine grapes from the Yakima Valley, but the story of six WSU students finding opportunity and education in the heart of Washington wine country.