Hill, Alberta Academic Excellence Award

Alberta D. Hill, Emeritus of WSU’s College of Home Economics since 1983, has spent most of her professional life as a college teacher – more specifically, as a teacher of teachers. Prior to, and immediately after, retirement, she served as Senior Technical Adviser in Indonesia as part of a WSU project to strengthen college programs in Eastern Indonesia. She has also served as a consultant to Ministries of Education, teacher in a two-year program designed to update home economics teachers in the Caribbean, and worked with leaders of the Caribbean Association of Home Economics. This included teaching part-time at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St. Lucia, from 1987-1991.

Alberta has served as the Washington Home Economics Association representative to the International Federation of Home Economics since coming to Washington. She served a six-year term on the Federation’s Education and Training Committee and in 1994, was elected to the Executive Committee of the Federation as Vice President of the Region of the Americas. She is active in the International Section of American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and has been active in the Association’s program celebrating the United Nations Year of the Family. Dean Hill holds an Ed.D. from the University of Illinois. Before joining the WSU faculty in 1969, she taught in secondary schools in Idaho, at North Dakota State University, Idaho State University, University of Illinois, University of Connecticut, and Iowa State University. She also served over five years as Program Specialist in the U.S. Office of Education.  She is survived by nieces and nephews.